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Oxalater FAQ

What is Oxalater?

Oxalater is an iPhone app to help you track the oxalate in your diet.

What do I get from using Oxalater?

Learn which foods to avoid, which to limit, and which not to worry about.

How do I use Oxalater?

Record the foods you eat for several days, the app can provide reminders. Study the interactive graph. Monitor your total oxalate load estimate with the new Today Widget. For detailed instructions, see the Introduction screen of the app.

Why aren't more foods listed in the pantry?

The pantry list is purposely kept as short as possible to make finding and remembering foods easier. Products made from the same grains have nearly the same oxalate content. Meats have zero. Listing thousands of products would make the app harder to use and add little value.

Where do the food oxalate values come from?

The app's Pantry list is an amalgamation of public and private oxalate test results.

How can I be sure of the accuracy of the oxalate values in the list?

The public data comes from government and institutional reports. The private data is commissioned from an ISO/IEC 17025 certified lab. For quality control, samples are run multiple times, as needed. Spike recovery tests are also performed.

Can I add my favorite foods to the app's pantry?

Yes. You can add, remove, and modify foods in the pantry.

Why is your oxalate value for food X so high/low?

Some foods vary widely in their oxalate concentrations. You can change the oxalate value of a food in the pantry; instructions are on the Introduction screen of the app.

I made it all the way through this list, what about my question?

Please send it to support@oxalater.com.

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